Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Like my first post these are some environments I painted over the last few months. With this series I tried to create environments that look they are believable but beyond anything that exists today. I used Corel Painter for these paintings.

A few months ago I went to the Dominican Republic. It was so beautiful and this painting was inspired by it.

I used a different technique to start this painting. I used Scott Robertson's technique of using marker comps to find interesting compositions. I really liked it and I plan to use it again.

I love playing with rock formation and creating compositions that express motion.

I had just finished reading "The Princess Bride" and I was inspired to paint the swamp of fire. Maybe I will have to put and ROUS (Rodents of unusual size) in there.

I made some changes to the painting below after I first posted it. I changed some branches around that I felt were too distracting and would lead the eye off the page.

Here I thought of an interesting primal colony that lives in a massive cave the barrows deep in the earth. Perhaps some kind of mining colony live there. I added a detail clip of some of the mining huts that are clinging into the sides of the cave.

Again returning to unique mammoth land formations but this time I used ice. I like the unsettling mode that comes with this painting.

Character Design

Although I enjoy painting environments more then anything. Its nice to break things up and create a few characters. The first two characters I created for an environment that I painted a long time ago. The environment looked a lot like a tropical forest with low gravity that would allow the creatures to grow very tall, long and thin limbs.

3D Studio Max

I might not have the strongest skills in 3D studio Max but I know enough to model and texture.

Illustrations and studies

Here are several illustration I did use different types of medium. The First two illustrations were painted with watercolor. The tell the story of a famous poem of lost love.

An Illustration based on a fortune from a fortune cookie, "Trust your instincts they will take you down the right path."

A series were I had to paint an alligator and make it look scary, sexy, and funny.

An exercise to render a collage of eyes using only guache.

Watercolor study.

Another study using watercolor and guache.


Here are a few recent life drawings and paintings. The first double painting is a self portrait.

Here is a few life drawings including one of hundreds of gesture drawings.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Special Studies In Illustration

So the Semester is almost over. I am posting some of my environment paintings from Special Studies in Illustration. I painted all these in environments in Painter.

This was the first painting I did. I was reading The Princes Bride and I was inspired by the Swamp of Fire.

This was the second environment. I had just returned from the Dominican Republic and I was greatly inspired by that.

Here I tried to go in a different direction and I tried a desert scene.

Well who doesn't love creepy old trees that walk on their branches!

Here I went for a totaly different environment. I wanted to work with a new type structure, ice. I really like the way it still lets light pass through it.

I was watching the Planet Earth series and one of the episodes was on caves and how they can hold their own world in essences. I thought that was really interesting. It might be hard to see but I have a colony living on the cave wall. I visioned some sort of primal mining colony.